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Three Tomatoes Catering: How Online Booking Is Changing the World of Catering

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / March 30, 2022 / Catering may be a profitable industry yet a highly competitive one. Three Tomatoes Catering, founded in 1977, stands out because it invented a way to match excellent culinary tradition in special event catering with the most innovative IT standards. While the service has a reputation for providing unbeatable taste and service, there is another reason why Three Tomatoes Catering is going strong decades after its founding. That reason is the fact that CEO, Riccardo Mazzeo has put a priority on offering a user-friendly, convenient online booking process. This makes it easy for anyone to pick the food menus and services they need, add in their special requests, and receive an immediate quote.

Experts back up Riccardo Mazzeo’s emphasis on online booking, noting that caterers would do well to put an emphasis on online services in order to meet current consumer needs. Statistics show that about 33% of catering customers place online orders and that number is set to grow in the coming years. What’s more, a growing number of customers aren’t content with the old-fashioned model of receiving a catering menu proposal and a quote many days after their original inquiry. In fact, almost 70% of all customers ordering catering expect the order to be filled within a day.

Furthermore, online booking is proving to be a huge boon to catering services that are struggling with the current employee shortage. Estimates indicate that the restaurant industry needs a whopping 1.5 million more workers than it currently has. Naturally, there are many reasons why different eateries struggle to find employees and ways in which eateries can increase their retention rate to avoid having to find and train new staff members on a regular basis. However, one simple yet highly effective solution to the problem is switching to online booking, a move that a growing number of restaurants are making to reduce staff and lower costs. Instead of answering the phone, employees can concentrate on their main jobs, be it cooking, packing, or delivering food. As an added benefit, switching to an online booking system helps a catering service avoid mistakes on a customer’s order.

Catering services aren’t the only ones that can make a mistake with important orders. Organizing an event is a huge amount of work, and it’s all too easy for a customer to inadvertently leave out important information that a caterer needs in order to deliver results to meet or exceed customer expectations. Riccardo Mazzeo has clearly anticipated this problem and created an ordering form that is as detailed as it is convenient. Three Tomatoes Catering’s online order form prompts customers to put in every bit of information needed to ensure the order is 100% accurate and there are no misunderstandings.

Staying in step with ever-changing technology is a must in order to be successful in any industry. Riccardo Mazzeo’s Three Tomatoes Catering has set a high standard and clearly shown what a top-tier online catering service should look like if it is to remain successful long-term. While great food and stellar service are imperative, online booking is revolutionizing the eatery industry and catering services that use the internet to their full potential are meeting customer expectations and increasing their odds of long-term success.

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