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Table Scaping Tips from the Pros

You don’t have to be an Event Planner to create tablescapes that bring your creative ideas to life! Tablescaping can be a simple tool to show the elegance and creativity you have put into the décor of your home or event. Take a look at our Tablescaping Tips From The Pros below and get inspired by the themes, unique use of materials and concepts set up by our own caterers and planners.

This Tablescape showcases the basic principles we find important to dressing a table and some tips to keep in mind. Our best advice is to start from the bottom and work your way up. Starting from the table top up. Get a sense of the table’s surroundings, and play off what’s already in existence in the natural space, while bringing in these elements.

Table Scape

1. Color
From linens to flowers use up to three to four complimentary colors including at least one neutral and a metallic throughout the setting.
For example, in the shown tablescape we’re using a chocolate, rust, white, gold, and green.

2. Texture
Is a great way to layer and elevate, even a neutral palate. It adds dimension to the table.
Adding these layers gives the guest’s space depth and richness, even if the overall feel is simple.
Notice the textured bread and butter plate, bark charger and hounds tooth pattern in the napkin.

3. Light
Bring light to the table with candles. It instantly warms and invites. Even simple votive with tea lights can instantly elevate the experience and make a moment go from nice to extraordinary.

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