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Three Tomatoes Steakhouse and Club wins CAGGY Award for Best Food!

Our sister company, Three Tomatoes Steakhouse and Club at Fossil Trace, has won the award for Best Food by Colorado AvidGolfer! Gary James wrote a beautiful review of the restaurant in this month’s printed magazine, as well as this great online article. Three Tomatoes Steakhouse and Club is doing commendable work as exhibited by this generous introduction:

The biggest stereotype of clubhouse restaurants is that they aspire to the trappings of fine dining without the resources—which usually translates to nice atmosphere, decent food and uneven service. But Three Tomatoes, open year round at Fossil Trace Golf Club, breaks down that idea—as evidenced with its strong showing in this magazine’s annual CAGGY award for Best Food.

Haven’t been to The Steakhouse in a while? Get a reservation and see the updated menu, find out if you agree with James’ opinion first hand. Or, join us for the Easter Brunch – where there will be something for everyone this Easter Sunday!

Thank you to the fine folks at Colorado AvidGolfer for taking the time to visit Three Tomatoes Steakhouse & Club and write such favorable words about the experience. It’s an honor to win a CAGGY for Best Food. You can see all the CAGGY winners here.

You can see the article here:

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Three Tomatoes Steakhouse and Club wins Colorado AvidGolfer's award for Best Food!

Three Tomatoes Steakhouse and Club wins Colorado AvidGolfer’s award for Best Food!

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