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Dedicated to Our People who make it happen every day

A portion of the incredible staff that make Three Tomatoes happen. Picture from Urban Nights.

A portion of the incredible staff that make Three Tomatoes happen. Picture from Urban Nights.

We’re fully entrenched in the high season for the catering industry, and simultaneously some of our busiest months yet to date. As we close out the events of the past, send proposals for events of the future, and get the nitty gritty details done for the events of the day, we’re reminded that we have a spectacular team working together to make this company so successful and respected.

Without the dedication, collaboration, communication and eagerness of our Event Planners, we wouldn’t have these awesome customers to contribute to. Without the great taste and hospitality, blood, sweat and tears of our service staff, we wouldn’t be able to execute each event with the standard of quality expected from Three Tomatoes Catering. And without the expertise, craftsmanship and intuition of our kitchen and pastry team, our food wouldn’t give you the melt-in-your-mouth satisfaction that makes us one of Colorado’s best caterers. Not to mention the faculty that makes everything run behind the scenes, like our intelligent and caring accounting and marketing teams, the stellar admin assistant, and the folk who come in to clean our office.

It is thanks to all these extraordinary people that we are able to operate at such an impressive and ever growing level. We are privileged to be working with the smart and caring individuals we have on staff. We want the world to know how highly we think of our team, and how appreciative we are to have them on board. And how much fun we have while playing softball, yelling “bro” in the hallways, the impromptu dance parties, the river walks, and so on and so forth.

The Three Tomatoes Team couldn’t get any better, and we’re so pumped to tell you that. Thank you. <3

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  1. Nell Roberts says:

    It’s so wonderful that you took the time to recognize the people who help to pull it all together. Congrats on having such an awesome team!

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