Three Tomatoes Du Jour


Keeping Up With the Sophistocated Pallet

Trends in catering are becoming more and more sophisticated by the day. Today, food must be more than just delicious. It must be local, sustainable, nutritional and seasonal. Plus, with more pressure on presentation, how food is catered is becoming more interactive.

In Catering & Events Weekly’s article, “Friendly Food,” “Robert Gilbert, executive chef for special events and catering at the Walt Disney World Resort says, ‘The Food Network has exposed so many people to quality food and put our chefs at center stage at our events,’ he said. ‘We have interactive stations and love putting on a show, cooking things to order for our guests.’”

In the same article, “Lisa Hopkins, CPCE, CMP, president of the National Association for Catering Events, says the interactive component has gone ‘way beyond the inaugural pasta stations and mashed potato bars.’”

Last Friday, December 6, 2013, Three Tomatoes Catering got interactive in its own way at the Factory Design Lab’s Holiday Party at the MCA. Check out some of our interactive stations below and feel free to read the whole “Friendly Food” article by clicking on this 3photo 2 (2)

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