hoots & hollers

“Everything was delicious! The brownies were a tremendous hit. My over-all feeling couldn’t have been better.”

Pat Miller, Family Reunion

“Very professional. The Cowtown Catering food was fabulous.”

Comprehensive Software Systems

“The Cowtown Catering food was Great! We had a very good time.”

A. E. Leimbach, Wedding Reception

“Beautiful table setting-classy picnic!”

C. Harp, Private Picnic

“Everything from Cowtown was excellent.”

J. Hisch, NSO Press

“…could not have been happier with Cowtown Catering.”

K. Larson and B. Moore, Private Picnic

“Enjoyable food and the Cowtown staff was wonderful.”

M. Maj, High Noon Productions

“The food was excellent.”

L. Tufte, Private Picnic

“Overall, I felt no stress with regard to the catering… My guests comments were: ‘Yum’, ‘Cute Buffet’, and ‘Plenty ‘o good grub’.”

C. Hadd, Village Homes

“My guests told me this was the best picnic food they have ever had.”

L. Hatting, Private Picnic