About Us

Green Tomatoes

Since its inception in 1977, Three Tomatoes has been passionate about our ecological footprint.

Below are the business practices in place making a positive impact on the environment.

  • Employ a full-time three-tiered waste systems that allows for maximum percentages of waste to be either recycled or composted
  • All lighting is occupant-sensitive
  • Conduct quarterly sustainability training with all employees
  • Continue to replace all light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs
  • Employ cross-utilization of vegetables to minimize food waste
  • Explored replacing vehicles as needed with trucks and van that use bio-diesel fuel
  • Keep all vans tuned-up and tires full to improve fuel economy
  • Owners drive hybrid vehicles
  • Participate annually in an Xcel Energy Audit
  • Provide bike storage facility to help reduction in carbon emissions
  • Provide carpooling to events
  • Provide for total composting of food waste and disposable products
  • Provide grass fed beef and free range chicken when requested
  • Provide local, organic and vegan menus
  • Recycle all ink cartridges
  • Recycle all office paper, packing food cartons, steel, glass and aluminum
  • Recycle cooking oil weekly
  • Run dishwasher only when it is fully loaded
  • Turn off all computers at the end of the day
  • Upgraded dishwashing unit to high temp in order to incorporate use of biodegradable, non-chlorinated cleaners
  • Use 100% post-consumer paper products for inter-office communications, logo napkins, bathroom tissue and paper towels
  • Use 80% environmentally safe (green) cleaning products
  • Use double-sided printing whenever possible
  • Use printed paper for scrap paper and notes
  • Use reusable product internally, including coffee cups, plates and flatware