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Start summer out right with this great summer salad recipe

While it may be taking a while for Colorado to warm up to the standards of summer (and you may be relieved by this), it’s never too early to start enjoying summer’s simple pleasures. We found this recipe for a Pea Salad with Guanciale from the owner of The NoMad in New York, Chef Daniel Humm. When asked about the perfect salad, he gave this insightful response:

It should highlight the best of the season—like a snapshot of all of the best ingredients at the peak of their prime. And each one of those ingredients should shine on their own, although when put together, they should create a balanced harmony, with no particular dominant. And a dressing is meant to accent their flavors, not drown them.

Take a look at the full VOGUE article, and find the recipe below! Enjoy!

salad pea

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