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POINT | gallery is Three Tomatoes Catering’s newest venue

Three Tomatoes Catering is excited to announce a partnership with POINT | gallery. POINT, centrally located in the Art District on Santa Fe, is the newest addition to Denver’s flourishing art scene.  We will be working closely with owners and curators Frank Martinez and Michael Vacchiano to make the event space something special for those who are looking for a cool, unique space.

Occupying the building formerly known as Space Gallery, Martinez and Vacchiano expect to broaden the gallery’s appeal by including works of contemporary figurative and nonobjective art by emerging and nationally recognized artists. Their combined vision is to develop a creative partnership with the artists whose works are represented at the gallery by not only providing exhibition space, but by cultivating an environment that encourages a relationship between artist and viewer.

Three Tomatoes chatted with Martinez and Vacchiano to talk about the gallery, why it is such an ideal event space, and what their vision is.

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Interview with POINT | gallery’s Michael and Frank

POINT | gallery’s owners and Curators, Frank Martinez and Michael Vacchiano, expect to broaden the gallery’s appeal by including works of contemporary figurative and nonobjective art by emerging and nationally recognized artists.

How do you curate and who are you looking for in terms of your artists?

We have formal exhibits in the front gallery, and we show select pieces in the rear gallery and mezzanine. We try not to pigeon hole ourselves. A lot of times a gallery will choose one genre, or style, and become known for that.  We’re trying to branch out.

We have a space where if we want to do a bigger show, we can do a little something for everybody. The most important thing to us is understanding the process and their [the artist’s] execution. That’s how we’ve come to learn our curating process. People will ask us “what is,” and “what isn’t.” How do you decide the value of art?

We want to see how the artist uses their materials. Whether it’s traditional oil painting, mixed media or a found object, we look for execution. Whether or not they executed their ideas or whether they’re still attempting to produce these ideas.

Why do you want this space to be an event venue, and why it is such a great space?

Galleries have to compete with the media now, and statistics show that attendance is dropping. So, by renting the gallery space for formal events like wedding nuptials, receptions, anniversaries as well as to local businesses for workshops, client pitches, and holiday parties, we can influence a larger group creatively.

The character of the space is always evolving with monthly exhibitions. Our continual goal is to encourage a relationship between artist and viewer. Private events give us the opportunity to bring in an audience that would not typically come into a gallery; however want also provide a unique setting for their formal event. Events give us the forum for people to say, “Oh, I went to a wedding there. I had no idea Denver had the capability to produce and exhibit this level of art.”

We think the events help us engage people who would never have been engaged before. So the short of it, is cultivating that viewer-artist relationship. The gallery is large enough to host up to 200 guests, split between three distinctive gallery spaces. It is ideal for intimate and private events.

In terms of events, elaborate on the diversity and range of options.

Part of the uniqueness of the space is the way it’s split up. It really allows us to do a variety of events because we have three distinctive exhibit spaces. Having multiple rooms caters to entertaining all age groups intimately during the same event.

By teaming up with a great catering company like Three Tomatoes Catering, we feel confident that we can provide an unlimited amount of options at POINT | gallery from cuisine, to expert customer service from event conception to close. Our goal from the events is to provide our clients with a one of a kind experience that will be shared and cherished forever.

Find more information about POINT | Gallery on their website, including all event-related information. You can also like POINT | Gallery on Facebook

POINT is also currently taking reservations for Holiday Parties. As an added bonus, if you book your party before November, you’ll receive 10 percent off your catering services! Talk about a beautiful partnership.

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