common questions

Q. What is included in the Basic Grub price?

A. Cowtown Barbeque Catering offers a choice of three Basic Grub menus: Cowtown Classic, Backyard Grill, and Kick Ass Barbeque. Please check our menu page for more information. These three Basic Grub packages come with a choice of three side vittles, lemonade, iced tea, buffet tables, buffet country style centerpieces, grills, serving equipment, paper goods, buffet set-up and break-down and 2 hours buffet service. All prices are per person; sales tax and administrative fee are additional. Gratuity is at your discretion.

Q. Can the host make substitutions to the menu?

A. In order to keep pricing affordable, Cowtown Barbeque Catering needs to keep the menu consistent. Everyone loves it just like it is; Lock, stock and barrel. If you need a little flexibility, and you want to get your creative juices flowing, our Basic Grub Hitch-Ons and Dee-Luxe Extras provide lots of options to fix up your barbecue menu.

Q. Is there any special pricing for the Little Buckaroos?

A. Cowtown Barbeque Catering is priced to feed the entire family. We assume there will be a mix of adults and children at your hoedown.

Q. Are there any additional charges?

A. In addition to Basic Grub, you may wish to choose to add our Cowtown Hitch-Ons, some Dee-Luxe Extras, or set up a bar. If your Cowpokes need more than two hours around the Chuck Wagon, there is an additional charge. Sales tax, guest seating, linens, unusual loading, or possible special entry and parking fees are all extra.

Q. What are Cowtown Barbeque Catering’s green practices?

A. Wulp, we love our Rocky Mountain home, and we want to do our best to keep it as purty as possible. We offer compostable and recyclable products, plus check out this list of green practices that we follow!

Q. Can Cowtown Barbeque Catering handle other aspects of the event?

A. By special arrangement, our event coordinators can help with rentals, linens, props, entertainment, ordering of your liquor, bar setups and barkeeps. For more information, check out our list of Picnic Partners.

Q. How long is the serving time?

A. After two hour of service, and the serving areas are scrubbed up, we head for the hills, unless you arrange for extra Ranch Hand time.

Q. When does Cowtown arrive?

A. About an hour before serving time our Ranch Hands arrive all scrubbed up wearin’ their Sunday best jeans, Cowtown black gingham shirts and aprons. Stand back while they quickly unload, set-up the serving area, fire up the grill, and begin cookin’ up a storm.

Q. When is the final count required?

A. No decreases can be made after 72 hours prior to your hoedown. If the final guest count increases after this time, the client will be charged 1-1/2 times the food and presentation cost for those additional guests.

Q. What happens to the leftovers?

A. If your BBQ eyes are bigger than your BBQ stomach, surplus food will be left at your location. If not, we will return it to our kitchen facility and it will be donated to We Don’t Waste – a Denver-based non-profit that distributes leftover food from caterers and restaurants to vulnerable populations.

Q. Can we use our own Barkeep?

A. Yup, if you provide your own bar setups and tables, or make special arrangements with your event coordinator for bar setups, you are welcome to rustle up your own, providing the venue policies allow for a non-certified or non-professional bartender.